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 About Candace 

Group shot featuring Candace smiling at something off screen

serious About play


Hi! I'm Candace. My work is clown and queer; it seeks to challenge and stretch what is expected or known into a kinder, more caring, more attentive, and more inclusive space than the world at large.

It needs to exist so I can.

I make work that imagines a brighter world, that reflects what I see around me, and refracts it to emphasize the absurdities of day to day life of a working class, queer, white, southerner. I want to make work that makes you laugh and cry at the same time and makes you wonder, is this the way that things actually have to be? Why?

Looking for work in TV, animation, theatre, and weird indie games

CurrenT Projects:

Producing Strange Scaffold's upcoming game El Paso, Elsewhere


Co-writing and directing unannounced fiction podcast project


Teaching teens how theatre happens at a local high school

Developing a Haeth Grant Project in the world of Wanderhome

Petting my cat Powerpoint as much as he wants

Do you have a fun weird project that needs a fun weird writer?
Contact me at candacehudert (@)

EMERGENYC Fellowship
Artist Activist Cohort, 2021

Indiepocalypse #29

Featured in curated monthly collection highlighting the very best of the indie game scene, 2022

Women in Animation

Member since 2021

Queer and Trans in Animation Server
Co-organizes and co-hosts biweekly script reads

Work with Indies Server

Moderates community with over 14,000 members

Wanderhome Fan Server

Ran 75 weekly writing jams

Conference Associate

Game Developers Conference 2022

Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, NY

BA in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Theatre, Creative Writing, and Public Policy

National Theatre Institute

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center

Advanced Directing Semester
Fall 2019

Accademia dell'Arte
Arezzo, Italy

Physical Theatre Program
Spring 2020

Women in Animation Mentorship Circle

Hone Your Voice as an Animation Writer

Led by Cassie Soliday

Spring 2022

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE)
Portland, OR

Training on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Other Work

Video Games and TTRPGs:

Voice Acting: WhatNamesVO

Theatre Directing: Portfolio

Last Known Whereabouts

Richmond, VA, USA

*willing and able to relocate

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